Successful implementation of Addnode Group’s business strategy and safeguarding of the company’s long-term interests, including its sustainability, requires that the company can recruit and retain qualified employees. Addnode Group shall therefore apply market and competitive levels of remuneration and terms of employment to be able to recruit and retain management with high competence and capacity to achieve set goals.

Long-term incentive plans

Addnode Group has through decisions at its Annual General Meetings in 2021, 2022 and 2023 resolved to introduce long-term share-based incentive plans that include the Group Management and about seventy additional employees with leading positions within the Addnode Group. The employees with leading positions included in the plan are the group that, in an otherwise heavily decentralized organization, can create positive effects on the results through cooperation between the group’s subsidiaries. 

The participants in the plans are being given the opportunity to acquire, at market price, call options relating to class B shares in Addnode Group, repurchased by the Company.

The background to the decision to introduce long-term incentive plans are that the participants by a personal investment, will be able to benefit from and encourage a positive value growth in the Company’s shares, thus more closely aligning the interests between them and the Company’s shareholders. The purpose of the plans is also to contribute towards employees with leading positions increasing their long-term shareholdings in Addnode Group. Further, the plans are also expected to create conditions for retaining and recruiting skilled personnel to Addnode Group and to provide competitive remuneration.