Becoming part of Addnode Group

Becoming a part of Addnode Group.

We are entrepreneurs, and we are committed to growing each business that we acquire. When becoming a part of Addnode Group, businesses are provided with financial stability and a rich growth accelerating platform.

Why sell your business to Addnode Group?

  • We value entrepreneurship and cultivate long-term relationships with businesses, so we are well positioned when an acquisition opportunity appears.
  • We have a long acquisition track record with experience of over 70 acquisitions since our inception and can act fast when the situation demands.
  • We have an acquisition strategy based on a buy-and-hold approach, emphasising continuous development and long-term growth of the businesses we acquire.

The businesses we acquire are carefully evaluated to secure that there is a strong strategic and cultural fit with our existing businesses, that will contribute to the future growth of the company.  

Our offering

  • Decentralized responsibility and authority

Our operational model grants subsidiaries autonomy and responsibility, encouraging decisions close to customers for adaptability and growth.

  • Strategic competence, financial resources and M&A expertise

Being part of Addnode Group provides access to strategic skills, financial strength for expansion and investment, and M&A expertise, enhancing the companies’ attractiveness to customers and facilitating organic growth and acquisitions.

  • Value-creating synergies and collaboration

Addnode Group fosters synergies and collaborations across divisions and subsidiaries to share best practices, upsell opportunities, and strengthen partnerships with major software developers, enhancing employer branding and delivery capacity for larger projects.

Decentralised Responsibility

Our operational model is based on decentralization, granting delegated responsibility and authority to subsidiaries to act. We believe operational decisions should be made as close as possible to customers and employees, which requires skilled and competent leaders who take responsibility for developing the business though both successes and challenges in the market.

The subsidiaries enjoy operational freedom to manage their businesses, while adhering to Addnode Group’s common policies and guidelines. Group companies manage operations under their individual corporate name in a collective structure where Addnode Group is a supporting brand. This means the enterprises can retain their individuality, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits that a large, listed company brings in the form of recognition, credibility, financial stability and access to capital and knowhow for continued organic expansion and acquisitions.

Is your business looking to grow in a new setting?

Please contact Elisabeth Forslin, our Head of M&A, here:

  • Elisabeth Forslin

    Head of M&A