Process Management

Process Management, whose operations are conducted by around 15 subsidiaries, is a leading provider of digital solutions for the public sector. Its solutions help streamline case management, simplify administration and quality-assure processes in contacts between authorities and the citizens.

Net sales by revenue stream 2023


Financial key ratios2023202220212020
Net sales, SEK m1,2811,1821,020827
EBITA, SEK m244226195151
EBITA margin, %
Operating profit, SEK m188168142115
Operating margin, %14.714.213.913.9
Average number of employees686648595532


The operations of the Process Management division are conducted by the subsidiaries Adtollo, Arkiva, Canella, Decerno, Decisive, Elpool, Evitbe, Forsler & Stjerna, Ida Infront, Intraphone, Kompanion, Netpublicator, S-GROUP Solutions, Sokigo, Stamford and Voice Provider. The division’s subsidiaries develop solutions that employ automation and digital case management support centred on the needs of the citizens and customers. Close familiarity with operations and knowledge of directives, laws and regulations often enable product development in effective and close collaborations with customers.

The offering includes digital solutions and services in:

  • Digital citizen services
  • Document and case management
  • E-archiving
  • Geographical information systems
  • Mobile services for healthcare and nursing staff
  • Business planning and decision support

Customer base

The division’s customer base includes many of Sweden’s public authorities and bodies. All Sweden’s municipalities and regional authorities are customers, plus a wide base of private companies in sectors such as finance, retail, construction and forestry. In 2023, the customer base included the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Prosecution Authority, Region Skåne, the City of Stockholm, the Municipality of Karlskrona, the City of Västerås and the Municipality of Umeå.

Market position and competitors

Our digital solutions are used mainly by Sweden’s public sector, where our customer base consists of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, 21 regional authorities, public agencies and a number of public authorities. Often, several division companies serve as suppliers to the same municipality or regional authority, which is a strength because this often enables us to integrate solutions better.

The private sector is another important customer group. The division’s companies also support customers in this sector to exploit the possibilities of digitalisation in business-critical processes.

Combined, the division’s companies are a leading provider of software and digital solutions for Sweden’s public sector. They enjoy especially strong positioning in case management systems for Sweden’s public authorities and municipalities. There is currently no main competitor to the division’s overall offering. Examples of competing companies with comparable products and services include CGI, Formpipe, TietoEVRY and twoday.