Product Lifecycle Management

The operations of the Product Lifecycle Management division are conducted by the subsidiary TECHNIA, a global provider of solutions for digitalising complete product or facility lifecycle – from idea, design, simulation and construction – to sale, aftermarket and recycling. For our customers this means shorter lead-times, strengthened innovation, and increased efficiency and traceability.

Net sales by revenue stream 2023


Financial key ratios2023202220212020
Net sales, SEK m1,8841,5801,2271,141
EBITA, SEK m14315811757
EBITA margin, %7.610.09.55.0
Operating profit, SEK m77977223
Operating margin, %
Average number of employees740687613654


TECHNIA is a global provider of digital solutions for sophisticated product and production development. TECHNIA’s solutions help streamline and quality-assure complete lifecycles – from construction, simulation and design – to sales, aftermarket and recycling. Digitalised and globally available information across a PLM system enables design and production lead-times to be reduced and resource management optimised, simultaneous with safeguarding environmental, quality and security standards. The software portfolio consists of our partner Dassault Systèmes’ market-leading 3DExperience platform and proprietary, unique ancillary products and services, which are also available separately to customers that need them.

Customer base

TECHNIA’s customers are in industries such as telecom, manufacturing, automotive, construction and civil engineering, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, retail and energy production. Keeping pace with the demand for rapid innovation, traceability and custom products, a growing number of food and service companies are embracing the PLM concept. In 2023, the customer base included Stadler Rail AG, Arla, Autoliv, Helix, Scania, Safran Aircraft Engine, Hydrogen Vehicle Systems and Lola Cars.

Market position and competitors

TECHNIA is one of Europe’s largest providers of PLM platforms and consulting services. TECHNIA is also a Global Platinum Partner of Dassault Systèmes, with the Nordics, UK and Germany as its largest markets. TECHNIA is represented in countries including France, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and the USA.

TECHNIA’s competitors are other providers of digital PLM solutions such as Autodesk, Siemens and PTC, as well as other Dassault Systèmes partners like Cenit of Germany and Inceptra of the USA. Companies like Tata and Cap Gemini compete on larger system integration projects. Our competitive advantages include world-leading PLM know-how, a strong product portfolio, as well as close and long-term collaborations with customers, and a regional presence in several countries. These benefits are combined with the skills an international player can offer.