Digital solutions for sustainable development

This is Addnode Groups first focus area. Building a long-term sustainable society in an urbanising and fast-changing world sets challenging standards for the responsible and efficient use of resources.

In an increasingly digitalised world, Addnode Group offers its customers digital solutions for sustainable design and product lifecycle management, helping them manage real estate and facilities more efficiently, and streamline public administration.

Through innovation and continuous development in close collaboration with customers, we create solutions for specific needs. With the support of digital work methods and efficient processes, we can help create a more sustainable society with our customers.

Opportunities in four growth segments

Addnode Group develops and delivers digital solutions in four growth segments. Sustainability is an important driver in all segments. Our companies offer solutions that fully satisfy the various needs and standards applying from a sustainability perspective. 

Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and BIM

Demand in this segment is driven by urbanisation and an increased need to build more efficiently and sustainably. Reducing energy consumption in new and existing buildings is a high priority. Improved potential to select more sustainable, and preferably recycled, materials is another priority, as is achieving higher material productivity, and reducing the volume of waste.

To improve efficiency, and satisfy the increasingly stringent standards of new environmental legislation, customers are digitalising their processes and embracing new ways of working. Regulators are also driving the more widespread adoption of digital working methods based on BIM. Addnode Group provides digital solutions for sustainable design and construction, as well as BIM software.

Facility management

Growth is being driven by customers’ efforts to achieve more efficient management, outsource management services, and more stringent environmental, health and safety standards. Customers are increasingly demanding better systems for detailed monitoring and control as well as transparency surrounding the environmental impact of properties and facilities.

Progress in the sector is moving ahead rapidly, and with the aid of sensor technology and integrated software, Addnode Group is developing systems for predictive maintenance, where nascent problems can be detected before they cause damage to equipment or buildings.

Effective and digital FM systems can help extend asset useful lives, reduce the consumption of resources, lessen climate impact, and generate cost savings. 

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Growth is being driven by customers’ efforts to continuously launch new, sustainable and financially profitable products. This means that simple and reliable access to data is critical to ensure traceability and compliance in the environmental, quality and safety segments, for example.

With information collated and easily accessible in a PLM system, the product development process can ensure that material and process decisions are sustainable, lead-times are reduced, and resource management and procurement optimised right the way from the early design phase, while monitoring environmental, quality and safety standards becomes easier.

Our offering of PLM solutions can also enhance customers’ ability to achieve environmental sustainability goals through closed-loop product development, to enable maximum energy, resource and materials recovery when products reach the end of their lifecycles. Our simulation solution offering has applications including ensuring that product designs are optimised right through their lifecycles, and innovative climate and health-positive solutions can be developed cost-efficiently.

Digital Government

Growth is driven by urbanisation, and a growing array of sustainability standards in the community building segment. The demographics of an aging population, and more consideration for social sustainability, make up another driver. In parallel, continuously rising public expectations, accentuated by political initiatives, are accelerating the digitalisation of public administration.

Our digital solutions help enable more efficient processes and more equitable and sustainable decisions, through channels including enabling more efficient document processing, streamlined administrative procedures, and better dialogue between authorities and the citizens.

Topics we work with

  • Design for sustainable development and circular economy
  • Simulation solutions for environmental and health benefits
  • More efficient consumption of resources of energy  in manufacturing, construction and management
  • Ensuring privacy and integrity
  • More engagement and dialogue with citizens
  • More equitable and sustainable decision-making  in the public sector
  • Innovation

Long-term ambitions

  • Develop a methodology to monitor revenue from solutions that have positive sustainability impacts in customers’ operations
  • Pilot project to measure the CO2 handprint from one of our companies or solutions. Given a positive outcome, this may be extended to more companies and/ or solutions
  • Define KPIs to measure innovation