The way we work with our partners and suppliers

This is Addnode Groups third focus area. Addnode Group focuses on close and long-term forms of collaboration to create good conditions to take on responsibility for the whole value chain.

Our values and corporate culture, Code of Conduct and local market knowledge offer us good opportunities to create positive relationships with our collaborative partners.

We set high standards of ethics and respect in our relationships with each other and our customers, so it is equally imperative that we apply the same high standards to our suppliers and collaborative partners. We will comply with laws and regulations, fair business practice, counter corruption and respect human rights.

Long-term relationships with partners 

Our operations are built on long-term collaboration and partnership with our main suppliers. In several cases, we have shared histories going back several decades.

Those suppliers that represent the highest share of our total procurement are the software suppliers Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes. Both work actively on a range of sustainability issues.

Dassault Systèmes pursues an ambitious inclusion and diversity strategy, is a co-founder of the European Green Digital Coalition, and has set a goal of being climate neutral by 2040. Dassault Systèmes received several awards for its sustainability work in 2022, including becoming a constituent of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, being top rated (AAA) on the MSCI Sustainability ranking, and achieving Platinum status in EcoVadis’s ranking.

Autodesk pursues a raft of initiatives in sustainability, affecting its own business, and how it contributes to wider society. For example, Autodesk uses renewable energy exclusively right through its business, including its cloud services, climate compensates all its GHG emissions, pursues ambitious sustainability goals, and funds two pro bono days per employee and year.

Fair business practice and anti-corruption 

Our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy prohibit all forms of corruption. Corruption includes bribes, receiving gifts and entertainment benefits, payments for felicitation and protection, money laundering and nepotism. We comply with competition legislation on each market where we are active, which includes prohibition against contracts and agreements to limit competition. This also includes price-rigging, dividing of customers and geographical markets, cartels and abuses of power.

Addnode Group’s Code of Conduct and ­Sustainability Policy

Deliveries to our customers are mainly done by the Group’s own employees, which means we have good insight into occupational health & safety. We do appoint subcontractors on some projects.

As the Group expands its international presence, we need to ensure a collective understanding of fair business practice, anti-corruption and respect for human rights end to end in the value chain. In 2020, we produced a Group-wide Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy that define a number of principles in these areas that our employees, suppliers and collaborative partners must comply with. The Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy is based on internationally recognised standards. We support and respect human rights as stated in the International Bill of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

To ensure our suppliers and collaborative partners satisfy the standards of our Code of Conduct, we conduct regular screenings, typically through interviews, meetings and reviews of documentation. In certain cases, this work involves the supplier undertaking to comply with our Code of Conduct, and in others, we screen the supplier based on its own Code of Conduct. We also employ tools such as lists of legislation and standards, as well as instructions on screening processes in accordance with our certifications.

Topics we work with

  • Long-term relationships with suppliers and ­collaborative partners
  • Fair business practice and anti-corruption
  • Respect for human rights at all links of the value chain
  • Supplier screening

Long-term ambitions

  • Develop processes and tools for managing and controlling supply chains, such as questionnaires and screening records