Whistleblower Policy

At Addnode Group, upholding a transparent business environment and strong ethical principles is our priority. We value the safety and respect of all individuals impacted by our operations, and your role is pivotal to our achievements.

Our reporting system for issues

Our reporting system serves as an early alert mechanism to mitigate risks. It stands as a crucial instrument in promoting elevated ethical standards and upholding the trust of our stakeholders.

This platform is designed for reporting serious potential wrongdoings that may impact individuals, our organization, the wider society, or the environment. Your report can encompass information about criminal activities, irregularities, violations, or any actions that contravene EU or national laws in a work-related context.

While concrete proof is not necessary for your concerns, it’s essential that all reports are made in good faith.

Your whistleblowing message is secure

The whistleblowing tool is provided by an external company, Whistleblower Software, to ensure anonymity. Whistleblower Software has taken substantial security measures to ensure that all data being submitted into the system is secure.

All messages will be processed confidentially.

How to report an issue

For employees, please find your company name in the drop-down menu on the whistleblower link https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/addnodegroup. The reports will be handled by either local case handlers or central case handlers, depending on company size and geographical location. 

For external parties, and employees in companies within Addnode Group, there is also a central reporting channel. Through this channel, the report goes to central case handlers at Addnode Group. This channel is called “Central” and is found in the drop-down menu.