Continuous Screening of Acquisition Candidates

Acquisitions are one of the two fundamental components of Addnode Group’s strategy. Managers throughout our organisation participate in the continuous mapping of potential acquisition candidates. We cultivate long-term relationships with enterprises, so we are well positioned if an acquisition opportunity appears. We have a long acquisition track record, and can act fast when the situation demands.

Acquisition strategy

Our acquisition strategy is long term and designed to complement our existing operations and develop offerings for our markets.

Addnode Group seeks acquisitions that satisfy at least one of the following two criteria:

  • Expand or consolidate our existing businesses geographically.
  • Add new offerings on geographical markets where we already operate.

Over and above satisfying at least one of the above two criteria, a potential acquisition should also satisfy the following requirements:

  • Have a proven business model that is profitable at the time of acquisition.
  • Have a leadership featuring sound values and that shares our focus on good relationships with customers and colleagues.
  • Maintain a culture featuring simplicity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

By making a continuous stream of acquisitions, we have refined and improved our acquisition processes, not only at Group level, but also in our divisions and subsidiaries, which is a critical success factor. As the Group has grown, so have the scale of our acquisitions. Since our start-up in 2003, Addnode Group has completed 75 acquisitions, most of them being enterprises with sales of between SEK 10 and 50 m. Our largest acquisition to date is Team D3 of the US, which we acquired on 1 June 2023, and has yearly sales of some USD 120 m.

Acquisition process

Further details on Addnode Group’s acquisition process can be read about in the Annual Report 2022, on page 14.


Elisabeth Forslin is Head of M&A at Addnode Group AB. Give her a call or send her an email if you believe your business can grow as part of Addnode Group. 

Elisabeth Forslin, Head of M&A
+46 (0)70 695 04 44

Acquisition timeline

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