Long-term financial viability

This is Addnode Groups fourth focus area. Financial responsibility includes good financial management, the efficient utilisation of resources and delivering sustainable, long-term economic profitability that benefits the Group’s stakeholders. Addnode Group generates sustainable growth over time by acquiring new businesses and actively supporting our subsidiaries to drive organic growth. This strategy is supported by values-based leadership, and decentralised responsibility and authority. A stable base of recurring revenue and strong operating cash flow is the foundation of a healthy financial position.

Value-creating acquisitions

We actively seek suitable acquisitions and maintain discussions with various business owners interested in becoming part of the Group. We have successfully acquired over 70 businesses since 2003. We continuously evaluate our acquisition criteria to ensure they address all relevant risks and opportunities in the context of acquisition decisions.

Decentralised business model driving organic growth

Addnode Group is well positioned to benefit from strong global trends that drive organic growth. Market leadership, long-term customer relationships and business models with a strong base of recurring revenue create the potential for stability in our business. Our business model, which delegates responsibility to our subsidiaries, also creates potential for taking the initiative in dayto-day work, and contributing to our success.

Topics we work with

  • Organic growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Decentralized business model
  • Recurring revenue