Success Stories

Addnode Group is an international company with Europe as a home market. We are in Europe a leading provider of software and services for design, construction and product data information, as well as a leading supplier of document and case management systems to the Swedish and Norwegian public sector. The Group's operations are conducted in the three business areas - Design Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Process Management.


Case from Design Management

The Design Management business area is one of northern Europe’s leading suppliers of business-critical software and service to engineers and architects in the construction and real estate sectors, infrastructure, and in the manufacturing and marine industries. The offering includes software and services for 3D simulation, analysis, modelling, product data management, project management and property management.



Case from Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a leading European supplier of software and services in its niche. PLM systems integrate and compile data, processes and business systems through a product’s lifecycle – from design to recycling. The information in a PLM system allows companies to optimise their processes in both global organisations and individual teams. Our customers are in traditional industries such as telecom, manufacturing, automotive, construction and civil engineering, energy and medical technology, as well as in service and retail.



Case from Process Management

Process Management is a leading supplier of document and case management software and services to the public sector in Sweden, with growing business in Norway. We offer reliable and secure IT solutions for public administration, e-archiving and information management. Our customers consist of municipal administrations, authorities, and a large number of private sector companies in the energy, engineering, financial and forest products industries.