Ida Infront delivers e-archives to OKG, Oskarshamn - one of the largest nuclear power plants in Sweden

30 September 2014, 09:00 CEST
STOCKHOLM September 30, 2014 – Ida Infront, a subsidiary of Addnode Group, has been commissioned to deliver e-archives to OKG, Oskarshamn for project documentation and drawings in digital form. The order value is approximately SEK 2 million.

OKG AB in Oskarshamn, a subsidiary of E.ON, owns and operates three of Sweden's nuclear reactors, making them one of the major electricity providers in the Nordic market. The company has now made a purchase of an e-archive solution and the assignment went to Ida Infront, in close collaboration with a partner company. Ida Infront is today one of the leading Swedish supplier of e-archives, primarily to government agencies and municipalities, but also to the private sector.
The e-archive solution to OKG will handle project documentation and drawings in digital form. OKG has large amount of documentation with very high standards for archiving, long-term storage and traceability. Information regarding the handling of nuclear fuel needs to, in principle, last 100 000 years, the time that the waste is expected to be active. Today, filing is handled on paper and older microfilm technology.
"For Ida Infront, this is a very interesting business in several ways," says the company's CEO Stefan Jonegård. "Our largest customers are in the public sector but there is no doubt that our solutions also fits many private stakeholders. Therefore, we are especially excited about another new customer in the private sector."
The e-archive solution is expected to be up and running at OKG by the year-end 2014/2015. The solution provided to OKG is part of Ida Infront's product family iipax, which besides e-archives also contain functions for document and workflow management, professional e-services and secure information distribution.


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