We are looking for acquisitions!

Acquisition-driven growth is a key part of Addnode Group’s strategy. We acquire entrepreneur-driven companies that are close to our customers and know their markets. As part of Addnode Group, entrepreneurs continue to develop in an organisation with extensive business expertise and financial stability.

We are continuously looking into companies which: 

  • Complement or strengthen an existing software or a service offering.
  • Broaden our geographical presence or provide usaccess to a new customer market.
  • Has competent employees who are committed to bothinnovation and implementation.
  • Technologies that further develop our offering.

What happens in an acquisition? 

  • As part of Addnode Group, the companies and entrepreneurs that choose to join us become part of our core business. Withus they gain knowledge, contacts, stability and commitment.
  • Backed by our business expertise and financial strength, acquired companies are able to realise their potential and pursue ventures that were previously out of reach.


Acquisition History


Adam Nilsson is responsible for Addnode Group's acquisition. Call or email if you think your business may grow as part of Addnode Group.


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